Hazard Restoration’s modern approach to remediation saves insurers thousands of dollars

Incredibly high readings of methamphetamine contamination throughout an Adelaide property suggested an expensive repair bill for the insurer and home owner but with Hazard Restoration’s thorough understanding of modern remediation techniques and specialist chemicals, replacement bills dramatically decreased, saving over $20,000.

Following a police raid at an inner north-western property in Adelaide, homeowners became aware that their investment property’s tenant had been illegally manufacturing and using methamphetamine within the home causing extreme contamination levels of up to 150ug – 300 times the “safe level” of 0.5ug/100cm2.

The insurer contacted Hazard Restoration to undertake remediation works throughout the home to enable to the property to have the council Notice issued under Section 92 of the South Australian Public Health Act 2011 removed and to return the home to a healthy and habitable state ready for re-tenanting.

While the original recommendations were to remove the kitchen due to the extreme contamination levels, our staff noticed the high quality of the kitchen and expense it would cost to replace. With careful application of specialised chemicals and attention to dwell times, Hazard Restoration technicians ensured that the kitchen was treated with the utmost care and was returned back to a pre-loss condition and on first clean was brought down from 150ug to 0.7ug.

“the clean that has been done in there has been successful in reducing the contamination from 150, to 0.7!!!!!! That’s fantastic.” – Hygienist’s email to Insurance Assessor after Post Remediation Verification testing.

Hazard Restoration attended to the kitchen again at no extra charge and was again successful in reducing the contamination level from 0.7ug to >0.02ug.

This use of chemicals and practical experience successfully saved the kitchen in its entirety and as a result, saved the insurance company up to $20,000 in replacement costs.