Air Quality Testing

Did you know that the Australian Government has found that Australian’s spend approximately 90% of their time indoors?

With this much time spent inside, the air quality at home and at work (be it in offices or any other indoor building) is critically important for preventing possible health issues and airborne illnesses.

Poor Air Quality Risks

The US EPA and its Science Advisory Board have consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health (US EPA, 1993) with mould being the top indoor air quality issue. The growth and spread of mould can be encouraged by poor ventilation. The spores of which become airborne, and for those people who are particularly suspectable, cause fatigue, discomfort, causing stress and distraction. In the case of a workplace this in turn can lead to a downturn in productivity.


Workplace Mould Assessments

Hazard Restoration has the experience and the technology to conduct mould assessments and the remediation of your property to ensure that your premise is safe and healthy for not only you and your staff but also your customers and others entering the premises. Whether you’re looking into a new property or suspect mould at your current premises, Hazard can carry out mould assessments and indoor air quality testing to help give peace of mind. We will also as supply a detailed report on our findings, outlining any issues and areas for improvement.

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